Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gardening In So Many Words

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know that we try our best to be gardeners, but it doesn't always come easily. Last year we had a few setbacks including the aphids who ate the tomatoes and, oh, yes the overwhelming fatigue of early pregnancy. So last year's attempt wasn't stellar. In fact, last week I found the carrots we planted amid the fennel plants that never got cleaned up at the end of the season.

This year we want to do better with the garden for various reasons. First, we enjoy the fresh and healthy produce we grow on our own. More than that though, I want to instill in Milo (at a very young age) a sense of the earth, why it is important and how we can take care of it starting in our own backyard. I had this growing up because I come from a family who appreciates plants of all kinds. From tending roses to growing the best tomatoes, I've had great examples of connection to the earth and I'm looking forward to passing this on to our little guy.

I'll also use books such as this to reinforce the message. I'm hoping to win a copy of the book here, and you can enter to win as well.

Happy planting!

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