Friday, October 23, 2009

Comfort Level

I've been using the term "it's up to your comfort level" quite often lately. It is such a useful term I wish I would have discovered earlier. It connotes (I hope) the sense of here is what I do, but clearly do what is best for you. I used it earlier this week when a mom at mom's group asked about drinking and breast feeding. I told her I feel fine having a small glass of wine with food after I've fed Milo, but based on her comfort level she should have more or less or none at all. Same thing earlier today with a comment about coffee while pregnant. It was well within my comfort level to have half a mug on weekend mornings.

Thinking more about comfort levels, I've discovered some others of mine. I have a high comfort level for perceived germs. We wash our hands often, but I don't spend a lot of time disinfecting toys. I have a low comfort level for people I don't know very well holding Milo. I usually feel relieved when he spits up and I can snatch him back.

I like this comfort level thing, it's comforting to know I have a fall back phrase to use when discussing potentially contentious topics. So what are some of your comfort levels?


Sara :) said...

That's your mommy instinct:) I found out tonight I am not comfortable watching my child be sedated and sutured. Hope to never go through that again!

Mikalene said...

i'm not comfortable hugging people i don't call 'friends'. no need to dole out hugs when you meet someone...even if you "have heard all about" them. :)

Amy said...

Okay both of those are way out of my comfort level, too. Stitches, yuck, creepy. And I'm not too into hugging...even with people I know and like.

Andrew & Carly's Mom said...

Agreed...hugs are not high on my list. I'm no germaphobe either, but I do get a little hesitant during the peace offering in church. Watch them cough on their hands during Mass only to turn around and shake my hand next? AHHHH! Our family gives each other 'rock' which unfortunately hasn't caught on w/ the rest of our church.