Saturday, October 17, 2009

Seven Months

Milo has now been in our lives for more than a half year. This past month I've mostly been home with him, and it's been interesting to see his personality grow as I've spent more time with him. In some ways (it might just be because he's a month older), I think he has really bloomed in this past month. He has totally come into his babyness. It's been a fun month with lots of kisses and hugs, laughs and grins and plenty of playtime on the floor.

What's new this month? To begin with teeth! Both of Milo's little bottom teeth are now clearly peeking through his gums. We kept wondering when they would make an appearance because he was showing all the signs (excessive drooling, night waking and chewing on everything in sight). He likes to feel his teeth to make sure the little buggers are still there. He is also liking to grab other people's teeth...I'm not sure why.

Milo still isn't crawling, but he is thinking about it. He's perfected sitting, but crawling still alludes him. He can scoot backwards and is starting to lift his hips, but can't put the forward motion together. He does a mean Cobra position where he can push up on his hands on straight arms, so I know he's building the necessary muscles. We often practice this yoga pose together in the mornings.

We're still having trouble in the sleeping arena. Milo wakes up several times a night and is refusing to nap most of the time. Although I was opposed to a crying it out sleep training technique, we're considering it for all our sakes. I know the whole family will be much happier with the proper amount of sleep.

Earlier this month, Milo had a blood test done that showed he does have some type of allergy, we just don't know what. All the common allergens he was tested for didn't show a reaction, but the marker that shows an allergic reaction was high. We'll be visiting an allergist in the next couple of weeks to get a more clear answer.

Otherwise Milo is doing great, at his 6 month check up he weighed in at almost 21 pounds and 28 inches. A big boy to be sure. Finding clothes for him that fit is a bit of a challenge, but with the help of Carter's we're making it.
Wherever we go people remark on what a happy baby Milo is. He has a smile for everyone as we're out and about. He likes to make faces and giggle at other people, other babies, animals and mirrors.

This coming month we look forward to Halloween! And hopefully getting on a schedule...

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Beth Parker said...

I was totally opposed to the cry-it-out method, but then my little boy turned 9 months old, and I decided enough was enough.....the first night SUCKED. The second night sucked. The third night he cried for 5 minutes - and we haven't had a problem since then. I've decided that first born boys are strong-willed :). Teething wasn't even a problem, really - until molars - but you have a few months until then. It's hard, but it's worth it.....