Friday, October 30, 2009


After Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Halloween gets major points for the costumes, adorably scary decorations and candy. It also helps that it is in one of my favorite seasons. I've long been a fan of Halloween, holding great memories of marathon trick or treating sessions in our old neighborhood with my Dad and godfather (really). My Mom has made me some great costumes over the years with some memorable ones being a really colorful felt parrot mask and a more grown-up cosmopolitan / martini glass. Attending college at OU where Halloween shuts down the street, there were even more fun fright-night memories formed.

All of this, though, just seemed to be leading up to Halloween with a child of my own. I even bought his first costume be he was born. While I was really looking forward to Halloween with a Milo, let's face it trick or treating with a 7 month old is going to be a little anti-climatic (as the only treat he was really interested in was his bottle).
So we decided to start some new Halloween traditions. I made soup and invited some of Milo's favorite people over a simple dinner and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids. We also hit a couple of houses on our street with our little monkey in tow, but the real trick or treating will have to wait until next year. Now what should he be?

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Sara said...

Our first Halloween was the same w/ Jackson being 10 months old. Next year will be much more exciting :) As far as next year's costume... There are endless possibilites! Puppy? Pirate? Pumpkin? It's so fun to plan.