Monday, October 12, 2009

So Much Easier Then

Back before I started the parenthood journey, I had some very specific ideas of how I would raise my hypothetical kids. These ideas were primarily about three things: my kids would not watch television, my kids would not sleep in my bed, and my kids would not eat processed foods such as hot dogs, chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese on a regular basis.

Now that my kid is no longer an imaginary being, but a real live baby boy, I've had to reassess these ideas. The television thing could probably be another post (but let me tell you I found a loop hole in this here laptop).

As for co-sleeping, well I'm still not a huge fan, but Milo has spent at least some of each night / morning in our bed. At times it's cozy to have a little person in footed pjs next to me and I'm glad to share that time with him. However, I still worry about the safety of co-sleeping. The bed also seems just a tad too small for Chris, Milo, Prada and me. I'm hoping to phase out the co-sleeping, but Milo seems to think it's the best thing ever.

So hopefully I can stay strong about the whole processed food thing. Otherwise I am 0-3 for how I thought I would be as a parent.


Sara said...

Yeah, the TV thing is hard to avoid. It's the only way I can get anything done around the house :)

Kate said...

Yeah, it is easy to say those things prior to having kids. But you do what works best for you and your kids, and you can't know that until you are living it! Glad to hear you are enjoying being home. Hope we can see each other someday soon! :)

Andrew & Carly's Mom said...

Ha! Good luck w/ the processed food! I stayed strong w/ Andrew on your other 2 (no TV until he was 2+, and no sleeping in our bed - at least not until the last month, but I feel like 4 years w/o it was a HUGE achievement). However, chicken nuggets saved the day many times! Stick w/in your 'comfort zone.' :)