Friday, February 1, 2013

Each Day is Different

Yesterday I gazed out the back window at the falling snow.  My eyes rested on the white dusted sandbox.  It was only two days before we had been out there playing in the sand and basking in the relative warmth of a 55 degree day in late January.

Today is much different.  The snow covers the ground and a virus has hit our house.  Milo, typically in constant movement, has been sent to the couch by a fever and congestion.  I am getting over a cold and Leo has a cough.  I am hoping all the germs stay with their respective person.

Last weekend we had wonderful days full of family breakfasts, sledding, birthday parties and lots of laughter.  This weekend looks like it might shape of slightly differently.  Such is life with small children in the middle of cold and flu season.

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