Sunday, February 3, 2013

Leo - 13 Months

This has been a busy month for our little one-year-old.  Leo has morphed from a baby into a sweet and lovable, albeit mischievous toddler.  He can make it all the way up the stairs and thinks it is super funny to do so.  He can purposefully only go down four or five steps at a time though.  So the math doesn't really work out on that one and we watch him carefully.

Other favorite mischievous behaviors:  pressing the menu buttons on the television while Milo is watching it, unplugging the computer and emptying drawers of clothing.   He also loves to throw things (food, sippy cups, books) just to watch them fall.

Leo also now gives high fives!  I love this.  He also has a word/sound associated with each high five: bah!  Speaking of words, Leo has a few he used regularly, but is now trying to repeat many other words.  This morning he said "buh bye dudee" to Chris as he was leaving.  It was super sweet.

Leo is a sweet little guy.  As he is playing throughout the day he will often crawl over and give us a hug.  He is also cuddly   If there is a blanket or pillow on the ground, Leo will crawl over to it and throw himself on down for a quick soft cuddle.  He kicks his feet when he is happy and exciting and this is definitely a kick-worthy occasion 

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