Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's February

This is the time of year when winter in Ohio is no longer fun and the drudgery sets in.  Playing in the snow has lost its luster.  The beauty of snowflakes becomes hard to find after seeing so many of them.  Most of all though, I miss the sun and spending time outside.  Of course on somewhat warm days when the sun is shining we play outdoors.  Quick trips to the playgrounds and late afternoon with the sandbox open sustain our need for fresh air.

I've tried to create some interesting games and experiences while we've been playing inside.  We have played many many rounds of hide and seek (Milo tends to the hide in the same spot each time).  Today the boys had a lot of fun having rides in a laundry basket.  Overall though we are watching way too much television and it is starting to wear on all of us just a bit.

February is the time of lingering colds and cabin fever.  Luckily it is almost over.  Tonight at dinner we talked about what we were looking forward to in the spring: walks, parks and splash pools and Popsicles   It's really just around the corner.

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Nutsy Coco said...

I know I need the reminder even though I keep telling myself the same thing! So tired of winter and feeling that there's not much redeeming about the month of Feb. At least it's the shortest month.