Saturday, June 30, 2007


This morning we were determined to the get to the Clintonville Farmer's Market earlier than last week - it seems things go fast, really fast. It didn't so much happen. Well, we got there a whole hour earlier than last week, but still were greeted primarily by a slew of zucchini. We did get some string beans which I will lightly steam and mix with olive oil and garlic scabs (thanks to Lisa of Restaurant Widow for cluing me in that you could do something with these guys I have growing in the backyard). We also got some grass-fed hamburger patties. After Chris talked to the farmer last week, he is a convert to local grass-fed beef. To go on the burgers we bought a couple of tomatoes (not sure how these are ripe yet because mine here are just getting the slightest tint of yellow) and some cucumbers to make a feta, cuke, tomato salad.

After attending the farmer's market, we pulled a couple of weeds out back because we were inspired. After the rains of this week, all of our plantings are looking great. I managed to get a nasty mosquito bite on my cheekbone. Ouch.

We're planning on biking downtown to attend RiverFest today. It's a smaller festival, but has some neat opportunities to learn about watershed, a chance to canoe on the river and a rock climbing wall. I've always meant to go and have been wanting to test my bike (and myself) on a longer ride, so thought it would be a good opportunity.

So it's only 1ish on Saturday and already so many things are planned or in the works. I feel positively domesticated.

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