Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hobbies We Aren't Very Good At

Chris and I both have the tendency to delve head first into hobbies / projects we just aren't very good at or committed to. For example, you may remember the DIY Diary posts from last month...yes, well, the majority of the cabinet doors are still not hung.

As I mentioned earlier today, we biked down to RiverFest. The biking 14 miles total, although tiring, went okay. Since we already have the bike equipment (ie bike and helmet) we can keep that hobby. We can't, however, buy a canoe. Having a free (and legal) chance to canoe on the Scioto River today left us going mainly in circles and hitting a large tree. Canoeing, not so much for us. I thought rock climbing would fare better, but neither one of us made it too far up the wall. Guess rock climbing is out, too.

Am now going to take a nap, make dinner and light the fire pit for s'mores...all things we excel at.


Mikalene said...

:) So cute, the pair of you! I can't wait to get settled into our new place and start down the path of DIY projects and domestication.

Magalie said...

If you come up to Tremblant, I'll bring you guys for a canoe ride down the river!