Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Favorite Things

With Halloween officially being so yesterday, it seems the consumer driven culture is ready for Christmas. There are already holiday ads in the paper and the decorations are in stores. Along with all this comes the music. Although inexplicable to me how a song from The Sound of Music made it's way into the holiday genre, I've already hear A Few of my Favorite Things three times. With all due reverence to girls in blue satin sashes and snowflakes that stay on noses and eye lashes (sounds cold to me), here are some of my favorite things.
  • Coconut Milk Body Lotion from The Body Shop. Made with actual coconut milk, it's like a mini-vacation after each shower (well, when I remember and have time to apply). Plus, it's eco-friendly and not made with parabens and other nasty things.
  • Le Creuset cookware. Colorful and strong, this stuff makes cooking a joy. Plus Milo loves to chew on the silicon spatulas (see the colorful and strong note above).
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Yes, they're overly sweet, priced above the other drinks, and one has more calories and fat than you need from a beverage; but oh it's like an autumn day in a recycled cardboard cup.
  • Babies in footed pjs. I don't think this needs an explanation.
  • Burt's Bees lip gloss and balm. Love this stuff. Not overly sticky and made without petroleum products so they don't dry out lips.
  • Hand-made wooden toys. Simple lines, made out of a renewable resource rather than obnoxious colored plastic, and knowing where these were created make me happy to hand them to Milo so he can promptly put one his mouth.
  • Freshly laundered 100% cotton sheets. I don't even mind making the bed when it is fresh sheet day.
  • Snowville Milk. This is a suggestion from Chris and I agree it should make the list because it is the only milk we buy now. We have even changed out preferred grocery because one store carries it and the other doesn't. Apart from liking the local aspect of the milk and the fact that it isn't homogenized, it just tastes better.
  • Basic tees from Old Navy. Clearly there is nothing sustainable about this product. I don't want to think about where the cotton comes from or who pieces the material together. The tees are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and shapes. This jeans and tee shirt girl goes through several a season.

So there is my incomplete list of things that make me feel not so sad after a bee sting or a dog bite. Or after another sleepless night, but that one didn't make the song for some reason. Do you have any favorite things to share?


Sara said...

Flannel sheets & pajamas! And the smell of a baby - or toddler - right out of the tub :) Oh, and bread baking in the bread machine!

Sara said...

I forgot one important favorite thing - my morning cup of coffee!