Tuesday, February 16, 2010

11 Months

Although this past month has been busy and Milo continues to develop at an amazing rate, all I can think is next month my baby will be one! Goodness one whole year of living with a Milo. Trying to stay in the present for the moment though, let's talk about my 11 month old because he sure is a lot of fun.

Milo loves to laugh and we both spend a good portion of the day dissolving into giggles. We laugh when I kiss his belly, when he starts climbing on me as I am trying to salute the sun, and we even just laugh when I say hi to him. Clapping is still is go to for communication and showing emotion. He claps to ask for more food, he claps to show excitement and he will even clap to try to calm himself down. Clapping to say hello or goodbye, though, has been replaced with the more traditional wave (mostly backward and pointed at himself).

At the end of last month he was just barely pulling himself to stand, now he is popping up at will and whenever the chance presents itself. He has also started to cruise along the furniture. The cruising mainly takes place trying to get the remote, because Milo has a deep love for all things with buttons - cell phones, remotes, the digital monitor over his bed.

After our trip to the allergist last month, Milo is not eating dairy or eggs. This has limited us a little bit in our foods, but not too badly. He will eat pretty much whatever we give him, unless we try to sneak in salmon. He has a very hearty appetite and I often need to remind him to eat one piece at a time rather than items by the fistful. There are times when I feel like I throw food on his tray and then cower in the corner so as not to get a finger bitten off. With the increase in table food, he has cut back on nursing to about four times per day.

Sleeping is also starting to go well. Milo does better about putting himself to sleep for a nap (he talks to the animal quilt on the wall for about 10 minutes before conking out). He has even slept through the night several times in the past couple of weeks. It is amazing.

Milo is my constant companion during the day. We try to get out and about a lot during the day. Walks when it is nice, story time, mom's groups, running errands and we even went to see a movie together. He's a pretty good little buddy to have.

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