Saturday, February 6, 2010


The idea of crafting really appeals to me. I like the thought of making things myself and having a creative outlet. Unfortunately, the ideas in my head rarely come out the way I planned. Because of this and that after several moves I can no longer locate my hot glue gun, my crafting days are few and far between.

I do want Milo to have plenty of artistic / crafty outlets though and so we started his art education tonight: finger painting with cherry jello! Being 10.5 months old, he didn't quite get the concept of "painting" on the paper, but he did manage to "decorate" several Valentine's day cards which was the point of the whole project (that and we have several inches of snow and Mommy has cabin fever).

Making paint out of jello is easy - just add a small amount (about 1/4 cup) of boiling water to the powdered gelatin, enough that it is a smearable consistency. It is safe for any curious mouths to lick, but it is sticky. Take it from me and do this right before bath time.


Sara said...

I lost my glue gun and the entire package of ribbon I bought to make Allie's hair bows. I give up and buy on etsy!

Andrew & Carly's Mom said...

That explains why the valentine was so sticky!! :) Cubed jello is also fun (and VERY messy) to put in the tub to play with before bathtime.