Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boy oh Boy

The woman cutting my hair yesterday told me she is 10 weeks pregnant with what she is hoping is a sweet baby girl. Perhaps being aware she is also statistically likely to have a boy, she asked what being a mother to a boy is like. I paused to blink back a tear and then told her how much I love my little boy.

Before being pregnant, I assumed I would have a girl because I am a girl and I am very good at picking out sweet, but not saccharine girls clothes. I also adored the girl name we had picked out and really wanted to use it.

However, after having a dream early on in pregnancy, I was pretty positive our little Olive was a boy. It turned out I was correct and I have come to treasure my life with Milo. He is in fact all boy. Since he is cruising around the furniture he has plenty of bruises to show for his adventurous streak. He likes to explore. He gets very excited to play with balls and points happily at the big red concrete balls outside of Targets.

He also has a sweet side to offset his constant action. In the midst of playing, he will often come over to give me a hug. When he sees a favorite stuffed animal he has not played with recently, he will tackle it with hugs and kisses. He pats Chris on the back as if burping him. And, of course, he has a smile for everyone.

I imagine having a girl at this age wouldn't be too much different. The differences would probably be more in personality than in gender, but since Milo is a boy, I attribute his whirl-dervish-action and his get-up-again-perseverance to his maleness. Whatever it is, I just hope my hair stylist has a baby who is delightful as my sweet little Milo.

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Andrew & Carly's Mom said...

Milo and Carly would be quite the pair - she is persistent, tough and a tornado!! I can't wait 'til they are old enough to really play together!