Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to It

After the loveliness of Christmas with our family, Leo's birthday and my birthday we were almost all celebrated out and ready to get back to our more usual routine.  Plans didn't quite work out that way though because Chris had a conference to attend out of town.  I had the boys for two nights on my own.  I am proud to say I survived and also found a refreshed respect of single parents.

To cap off the fun winter season, the boys and I joined Chris in Sandusky for one night and two super fun days at Great Wolf Lodge.  I wasn't sure if our boys would fully enjoy the water park and hotel, but oh my did they ever.  We all had a wonderful time splashing, sliding, kicking and turning into little prunes.  Both boys loved the water and all the sprayers, pools and fountains in the water park.  Milo also really liked the onsite arcade where (with a little help from the kind employees) he won a Space Angry Bird.  We all enjoyed story time with the talking tree and exploring the resort.  Every detail at Great Wolf is set up in mind for families with young children - our waitress at dinner went out of her way to locate a fruit cup for Leo (okay, so there could be healthier food options) and every other employee we encountered was also helpful.  Best of all, it was a sweet time of reconnecting with our little family in the midst of a busy season of life.  I can't wait to go back!

It's time for back to reality though - back to the gym, back to cleaning the house, back to eating good for us foods at home.  Less special events, fewer cookies with every meal.  More scheduled naps.  And just as much love to share.

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