Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Ramblings (Nice)

It's been cold.  Toe freezing cold.  The only place I want to be is under the covers.  Sadly, the children don't see the genius in this plan and insist on playing.  Which means I am often sitting on our cold floors.  We could all use some run around outside time.  That would be nice.


There is sometimes a moment in the evenings when I am sipping wine, making an interesting salad and listening to the Jack Johnson station on Pandora when all of a sudden the guise of being a stay-at-home mom slips away and I remember being someone else.   The reminder is nice.


We have some super silly little boys living with us.  They laugh and dance and tackle and feel things so deeply.  One sings and the other bops his head along.  One laughs and the other laughs louder.  It's nice to hear.


We talk a lot about good and bad choices.  About bad guys and nice people.  We read books and watch shows and tells stories and Milo always wants to know who is nice.  I try to point out the nice things he does rather than focus on the not so nice.  Lately there have been so many not so nice behaviors that need to be corrected.  I try to remember to accentuate the positive.  It always feels nice to have the people we love notice the good we are trying to do.

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