Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Intentions

I've been hit or miss over the past several years of making resolutions in the new year and then seeing those changes through.  It seems like I keep going back to the same resolutions, but don't see those through (clutter, less yelling, more exercise).  Still, I think this is a valuable exercise to make these goals and set intentions.  So on New Year's Eve after the kids were in bed, Chris and I opened a bottle of cheap bubbly and sat down with a notepad to come up with this list:

2013 Intentions
Move?  (OMG)
Continue to learn more about our camera and take better pictures
Keep working out a weekly part of both of our lives
Listen more, yell less / be more understanding / show more patience

On my personal list are these additional items:
Spend more meaningful time online, but less overall time (be more active and less passive)
Get back to the mat (again)
And again with the clutter

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