Friday, January 4, 2013

Leo - 12 Months

Somewhere along the way over the past 12 months, Leo has turned from a sweet sleeping baby into a cuddly energetic toddler.  Nobody is as surprised by this as I am.  I was showing Milo the pictures we took at the hospital last year - of the tiny, red faced, worn out from birth little guy.  Neither of us were quite sure it was actually Leo.

Leo who is now a super fast crawler and a pretty good cruiser.  Leo who now shows his excitement by kicking his little legs.  He is often excited.  Leo loves balloons, dogs, cats, toys, reading books and his people.  Oh how this sweet boy loves his people.  He gives the best hugs complete with resting his little head squarely on the shoulder of the huggee.

We've heard him say a few words here and there - banana, book, mama, dada - but he mainly communicates by pointing, grunting and shrieking.

It's not all fun and hugs around here though, Leo is still not sleeping through the night and his nap schedule is all over the place.  He also shows absolute no interest in weaning.  So there are a few challenges ahead.

Before we tackle those issues, though we had a lovely time celebrating Leo's first birthday.  The day started with a balloon hanging outside his door (this is also the best tradition ever!), which was met with shrieks of delight and lots of playing by both kiddos.  We had oatmeal and bananas for breakfast (favorite foods of Leo) and the played.  That was followed by several hours of trying to nap and finally actually napping.  Later in the day friends came over for playing and cupcakes.  Leo was so happy to see his friends and then also to see Uncle Tony who came over for dinner.  We finished the day with taking pictures, hugs and books.  A perfect way to celebrate our 1 year old! 

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