Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cukes not Nukes

Don't worry, while this post will deal primarily with cucumbers, I will not be discussing nuclear proliferation. It's hot and I don't want to think, so easy rhyming is winning out over witty titles.

I planted about 5 cucumber plants. Turns out this was a big mistake because cucumber plants are very hardy and like to spread out. Our cute little 5 plants have morphed into huge flowing viney monsters. I keep having to rescue parts of the tomato plants from the twisty vines of the cucumbers. Today I picked 4 rather large cucumbers. Earlier in the season, I tried to get the cukes off the vine before they got large. Now I'm lucky if the little suckers get picked at all because they are hiding under massive leaves.

Also earlier in the season there was a sense of excitement in picking cucumbers (I grew this!). Now I think who can I pawn this off on? My parents got the earliest batch. My grandmother got a few two weekends ago. Chris and I have both taken loads of cucumbers to unsuspecting co-workers. Since the news keeps telling me to check in on elderly neighbors in this heat, I just walked a couple across to the street to our neighbor Betty. And for all my aunties and cousins out there: expect a large cuke / onion salad at the reunion this weekend.

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Mimi said...

It was a wonderful salad :)