Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's August. You might have known that, but can you tell me how that happened? Gah. August. It has never been one of my favorite months. It's hot. It is also sad because it signals the end of summer. No more pools. No more getting away with a ponytail and flip flops as high couture. No more fresh produce. No more hypnotic click of the ceiling fan. Fewer mojitos.

Oh, well, at least it is the beginning of August and we have 31 days to enjoy it. I'm doing my part by typing in a bikini and sipping cucumber and mint infused water. Yum. I heart August.

For a day brightener, try indulging in these - all of which have official August days. Ice Cream Sandwich (August 2), S'mores (August 10), Creamsicle (August 14), Waffle (August 24).

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