Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dog Days

Did you know the term dog days of summer has nothing to do with dogs so hot they stick their tongues out and pant? I always assumed dog days meant the dogs were uncomfortable, because clearly they are. However, the term evidently actually comes from the Native Americans who noticed Sirius, the dog star, comes out this time of year.

Regardless of what the term means, it is clear we're in that time period - or at least I am. I've been MIA from the blog, because I have just been tired. Work, house renovations and wedding planning are kicking my butt. The heat, humidity and rain aren't helping my mood or energy level any. I'm trying to get back in the groove by falling the Weight Watchers program again. All those fruits, veggies and whole grains not only helped keep my weight in check, but also kept me from feeling like a slug. I'm also getting into walking or yoga each night (except tonight, oops). And I've checked invitations and bridesmaid shoes off the wedding to do list.

So that's progress for these dog days.

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