Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Requiem for a Green Skirt

A few weekends back I noticed a ragged hole in one of my favorite skirts. My green peasant skirt has been with me for a few years and quickly earned a favorite place in the weekend summer wardrobe. The skirt originally came with a matching top which I never wore together, because it was a little TOO green as an ensemble. I was actually wearing the top with jeans the night Chris and I reconnected, but since then the top has become a little too little, so to speak. Still this post is about the demise of the skirt, not of the top.

Somewhere in the back of my head I know people shouldn't really mourn articles of clothing, but ,oh, how I adored this skirt. Being a peasant skirt, it had an elastic waist and was full and flowy and easy to wear. In it I felt put together, yet whimsical. I had it on the first (and only) time I was brave enough to attend a festival on my own. Later that day the skirt and I had drinks on my patio with an ill-advised romantic interest (skirt lasted much longer than he did!). In fact, the skirt has gone along on many dates, because this green skirt was a natural paired with a little white tee or a lacy tank and could go from dinner to drinks to a walk in the park without missing a beat. The skirt is also more well-traveled than many people I know, having been to dinner with a good friend in Florida, honky-tonkying in Tennessee and exploring the strip in Nevada. It didn't take up much room in a suitcase and wrinkles either fell right out or added to the allure.

The skirt was never really stylish - I bought the outfit at one of my very few trips to Burlington Coat Factory. However, I really liked that it wasn't trendy or "in" because it was something better: it was me, it felt good and I liked wearing it.

Let's all have a moment of reflection, if not for my green skirt, then for a piece of clothing you have formed an emotional attachment to. RIP, green skirt, RIP.

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Mikalene said...

Uggh. I feel your pain. My FAVORITE tee shirt, that's already as thin as a crepe in France, has the beginnings of holes in the back.

The T was my eldest brother from his high school days (circa 1990) and has our high school name and old mascot on it. We are the "Mountaineers"; the current mascot is just a "mountain man" who wears a plaid shirt, denim overalls and rustic hat. The old mascot, which emblazons my tee, was complete with shotgot and whiskey jug. Shotgun and whiskey jug??? What school board ever approved that?

Anyway, it's truly a classic and I will be sad when I have to part with it.

Aside: I've been wearing my favorite tee shirt every day this week in honor of the Little League World Series that's being played right NOW!