Saturday, August 11, 2007


After a damn hot week, made more miserable by the lack of functioning air condition at work, 5 p.m. Friday finally arrived. I headed straight to my local Asian nail place for a much needed pedicure. I managed to talk my friend Julie into joining me. This was no small feat (no pun intended), since she isn't really a girly girl, but she came along (compromising by picking out brown nail polish). It was so much fun! Being a wordy, part of the fun of pedicures for me is the names of the OPI colors - I'm currently wearing Kennebunk-Port (it's a deep red color).

After toes were dry and we were sufficiently relaxed, we headed to the patio of Vaquero's for pitchers of margaritas and tacos. Yum! Chris met us there and we had a great time. So good, in fact, that the waiters kept trying to get us to leave the table.

Chris and I then headed to Kohls where I found an adorable shirt to the wear to the family reunion / shower this weekend. It is a Love is shirt and while I did find it in the juniors section, I think it is beyond perfect for a wedding shower.

This morning, we headed to the Farmer's market for the ritual iced coffee and fresh produce. I was able to meet local favorite blogger Lisa, who gave me the idea of marinating watermelon in balsamic vinegar. Chris and I then carried a watermelon home. Later today we take off for Wooster where family, fun and blueberries await.

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Mimi said...

I check Lisa's blog out once and while! It's great!

Do tell about the watermelon and balsamic vinegar! It sounds so funky, yet delightful!