Friday, August 24, 2007

Northwest Adventue

Do you remember this, wherein Chris and I decided to try the new Skybus airline and take a short trip to Vancouver? Well, that time is finally here. We leave tomorrow for 4 days of relaxation. I think I am already in vacation mode, as I am sitting here with a beer rather than doing laundry and packing.

I'm excited to try the airline (a full report will be forthcoming), see Vancouver and Washington state (I'll try to post pictures) and just chill out (I might book a massage at one of the hotels we are staying at).

Usually my vacations are somewhat manically planned, but I've been so busy lately, that this one is just going to have to unfold. I know I have a place to sleep while I'm there (I made the hotel reservations last month); and Chris has Google Mapped directions from the airport to the hotel and rented a car, but otherwise we're winging it. That's actually kind of freeing - to just do what we want, when we want without worrying about an itinerary or getting everything in.


Emily said...

I did Skybus a couple of months ago- courtesy of your blog which informed me of this fantastic airline!- and it went fine. Was awesome- I was going to have to skip our annual Carolina beach trip because I couldn't find a good flight! Only two things- don't take the magazine (you just have to give it back and its just one less thing to be bothered with) and don't worry if there is NO staff around. My return flight was delayed about an hour and it wasn't till 45 minutes post the scheduled take off time that someone even showed up to give an announcement. Oh, and check in online if you can- get a better seat group.

Mimi said...

Have a wonderful trip!