Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Applying Ourselves

One of the first things we noticed when we moved into this house, was that the kitchen was apparently last updated when we were barely learning to walk. Another thing we noticed is that our yard appeared to be the neighborhood hangout for cats. The Clintonville cats are something of a legend; everywhere you look there is a cat or two roaming around. On one of the first nights here, I thought one of these cats was dying in our backyard. There was a howling yowl like I had never heard before and I could only imagine it was coming from one of the half dozen cats who I had seen in the alley. It turned out the howling was coming from our dishwasher. From that time on, we begrudgingly called the dishwasher our second pet as it certainly did make it's presence known.

Now our second pet really has met it's natural end. Monday night we noticed large amounts of water escaping from the bottom and it broke one of our water glasses. The poor little guy led a good life. Twenty plus years is a respectable span of washing dishes and keeping people company with howls.

The (un)timely demise of our dishwasher was just the kick in the behind we needed to get moving on the kitchen renovation. This project kicked off last May and has seen no progress since that weekend showed us just how much work would go into the seemingly innocent project.

So last night we went to look at new appliances. I'm now in sticker shock. We're only choosing middle of the line models, but they're still so expensive. With one appliance needing replaced in a timely manner (as in now because I hate washing dishes by hand), we decided to go ahead and get new everything at the same time - range, hood, refrigerator and dishwasher. It really adds up when you're purchasing all new appliances.

So any helpful appliance hints? Something you love? Hate? Wish you had?

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Anonymous said...

We loved our Kenmore dishwasher in Lewis Center. We had a GE in St. Louis and it didn't do a very good job, but I think that was due to low water pressure... And here we have a Bosch, which does a great job too but it beeps when it's done and you have to get up to open the door to shut it off - otherwise it would beep all night long. Which is a pain in the rear when you're in bed and the darned thing starts beeping. Also - we had a ceramic cooktop in St. Louis and I hated it - gas is so much better and faster!

PS - You know you're getting old when new appliance shopping is exciting! :) Just teasing, I got a new refrigerator for my 26th birthday and I was in heaven!