Saturday, April 5, 2008


Last night I opened my phone for a text message from a friend saying Skybus, Columbus' start up airline, had gone bust and would be ceasing all operations as of this morning. I went to the Web site for confirmation and sure enough a message there confirmed Skybus was no longer.

Skybus, in it's short life, had some troubles, but it also generated some great positive press for our City. It also gave many residents here the chance to explore our nation on the cheap. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip on the airline when we went to the Bellingham, WA area last year. I didn't so much enjoy four months later when that same leg was cancelled as I was returning to Seattle for business and had to find other flights. I also wasn't thrilled when a short trip we had planned to Florida in February had flight times changed to crazy hours. We ended up getting a refund for that one.

It's a little sad when a company tries a new model, takes a risk and then ends up failing. Whether it was some of the inherent problems with the airline, or the tough economic times that finally did the company in will be debated. For one, I'll be disappointed to see them go. Whenever people's horizons can be broadened through travel for $10, that's good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is that no one was making any money off those tickets at $10 -- they were just promotion. The problem with your name being associated with $10 fares is that people think they're being ripped off if you charge them anything like what the flight actually costs.

Skybust, indeed.