Sunday, April 13, 2008

What All the Fuss is About

For years and years, I've been hearing about the wonder of Ikea. I've seen catalogs and visited the web site. My brother has even gifted me some fun Ikea finds over the years. He had made the trip to Pittsburgh to visit this Mecca of modern home furnishings. I held out with hope one of the stores would be added to the Columbus landscape. The folks at Ikea missed Columbus by about 50 miles and put the Ikea in West Chester, Ohio. Luckily, friends of mine live close by the store and we were scheduled to visit Chris' family in Indiana this weekend. That means stopping for lunch with Jaimee, Ben and Andrew and shopping at Ikea on the way.

While on the way to our final destination, it didn't allow much time in store. I thought I would be fine with this as I just wanted to pick up a few items and quickly see what was offered. In reality, I was a frantic mess waffling between I want it all and I don't have time to pick anything out. I ended up with a few items I immediately saw would work in our home, but for well thought out shopping, more time is needed. Good thing there is a baby shower in Indiana that I really should attend. For I am now indoctrinated into IKEA having discovered what all the fuss is about and I heart it.

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