Monday, April 7, 2008


There may not be leaves on the trees, but for me I am living like it is summer. The AC was on in the car this afternoon. I stopped by Target to buy the first sun dress on the season. The grill is on and I'm looking forward to a whole meal with nary a clean up in the kitchen. And to top it off, I have discovered our network works outside. Indeed, summer living is easy. Sitting here in the sun, waiting for dinner and feeling a slight cool breeze around my bare legs is enough to make the long darkness of winter worth it. I wouldn't appreciate the light as much right now, if it hadn't been dark at this time in the evening two months ago.

Spring and then summer is fleeting. Bittersweet if you will. Once you get used to the season, it changes again. It's in this spirit that I introduce to you what I am calling the taste of summer 2008 - The Bubbly Amaretto Sour. I mixed a batch of these up last night and while we all agreed you couldn't drink a lot of them, the first one goes down nice and easy. This sweet, sour, syrupy combination is so tasty, and so very summer. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

The drink sounds great! Wish I could share one with you :)