Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Two

My next session of yoga started today and I was sad to see my group go from about six to eight people all the way down to two people. I'm not sure if the recent nicer weather had something to with the shift down in numbers, or if it is something I have done. I've gotten attached to this group I've been leading since October and it has been hard to see the numbers go down over the months. I've had two guys struck down with back injuries. While this doesn't speak well for my teaching abilities, I don't think either of these problems have been my fault.

A part of me thinks I have been pushing this group a little too hard. It's been hard to find a good balance between the class participants. Some are older and not in great shape and some are younger and are looking for more of a challenge. I've been offering a lot of modifications, but people don't always take the suggestions. I've been striving to create a safe and judgement-free atmosphere in our class, but students do sometimes push their edge further than they should.

Today, with my only two participants, I made an extra effort to slow down and focus on breathing. We held poses longer. I sprinkled in more yoga philosophy. We practiced alternate nostril breathing. Even with two people, it was a great class and I was happy to share the experience with them. It reminded me that sometimes in yoga and in life, we have to slow down and take stock before we can move forward.

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