Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let's Talk About the Baby Daddy

It's his birthday today. Clearly in the past seven years, the day September 11 has taken on a whole new connotation to Americans, but before it ever became that day, it was Chris' birthday and so we choose to still celebrate.

In the months we've been married, we've grown in love and everyday life has been peaceful and rewarding. People have kept asking if marriage is different than life before, and in subtle ways sure, but at the core it's the same safe and comforting place it has always been with him. He's a wonderful partner and I'm proud to call him my husband.

In the months, since we've decided to start a family, I've seen not only the great partner I knew I had, but also a budding father. He's the one who makes me warm lemon water each morning in lieu of my usual coffee with milk (which he made in the pre-baby days). He follows me around with a glass of water on the weekends to make sure I am staying hydrated. And every night he has been tucking me and the Olive into bed. My body and life is going through a much more obvious transformation, but he's going through one too and I can't wait to see what is the other side.

Happy Birthday, honey! Here's to many more happy years.

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donna said...

My youngest niece was born on September 11, 2006. Since we lived in NYC on that day, it's always been so hard on us, but now we have the excuse to celebrate our niece's birth. It has helped the healing.

Hope your husband's birthday was fantastic!