Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Today has marked a milestone in this pregnancy. I was able to work all day and not come home and take a nap! It might not seem like a big deal, but I've been awake for more than 12 hours today and that might be a record for me. For the past 9 weeks or so, all I I would do is get into my car after work, trying my best to not fall asleep at red lights, and immediately stumble into bed upon arriving home. Chris would wake me up when he got home from work and more often than not, he would then go pick up some food for us. But today, I managed to not only stay awake, but also go to the grocery store and make dinner. Granted dinner was pasta with jarred sauce, but still I was super proud of myself. In addition to cooking the food, I also ate it, which lately has been no small feat.

I thought that pregnancy would be no big deal, at least early on. I figured that I was relatively fit and healthy, being pregnant wouldn't phase me. I was caught off guard by the extreme exhaustion and constant queasiness that accompanied my early weeks of being pregnant. I feel like I am now coming out of that fog and I can now make this pregnancy what I want it to be - healthy, natural, and joyful. Today was a good start at getting there.

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you are coming out of that 1st trimester fog! There is nothing that can prepare you for pregnancy, it just rocks your world!!! (Even with #2, I was still unprepared!) I hope you continue to feel better each day. In a few weeks let's hope all the yucky feelings are just a distant memory! You should go for a prenatal massage to celebrate this milestone :)