Sunday, September 7, 2008


Weeks have never meant much to me. Days sure, months yes, but I've not often paid attention to the passing of weeks. Weeks always just seemed to go along without notice with the passing of the days. Days would string together and form into months, and I would barely notice that they ever formed weeks.

Now, however, I'm eagerly waiting for Friday of each week to come along and mark another week of this tiny being growing in me. This past Friday marked 12 weeks. At 12 weeks, our little guy or girl is the about 2 inches long and it's eyes have moved to the front of the face. He or she is also growing finger and toe nails (which reminds me I need to get myself to the nail salon).

Now that I feel more comfortable with announcing pregnancy (and am not feeling the overwhelming desire to SLEEP NOW every 15 minutes), it's been really fun telling friends and co-workers. Come late March, Chris and I will be the proud parents of the newest member of the family. We're already excited to be planning for the birth and arrival and talking about our hopes for this child. As we go through the next 6ish months, I'll be sharing lots here, so stay tuned!


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Yay! Congrats again, I am so looking forward to meeting your sweet little baby!

Anonymous said...

SLEEP NOW!!! Sleep often. Sleep when you can. Just Sleep. Once he/she arrives, sleep will never be the same,you will always have one ear open.

--Christine (proud parent of a 7 week old)