Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Tried, I Really Tried

A few years ago, I didn't think I would ever willingly watch a political convention. Yet, last week, I tried my best to stay awake night after night to watch Ted Kennedy do it one more time, to watch Hillary bow out gracefully, to watch Bill do what he does best and finally to watch history be made as Barack accepted the nomination. I might have been dragging each morning, but what they were saying made sense to me and I related to the words, ideas and passion. I found the dialogue to be respectful, thoughtful and dignified.

So this week, I've been trying to do my due diligence and watch the Republicans do their thing. I made it half way through a Huckabee speech last night before I decided to go to bed. He was giving me the creeps. It might have been all the sequined cowboy hats in the audience, but I was certainly feeling nauseous and uncomfortable. Granted, I don't agree with much of the Republican platform, but I am finding the snippets I've been hearing to be incredibly divisive and offensive. I've been hearing a lot of scare tactics and fear mongering and it makes me scared for the country. I don't believe the country can be lead effectively through anger, fear and resentment.

So tonight, I'm trying to watch again, but I have open on my browser to ward of that creepy feeling I keep getting during the video montages.

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Anonymous said...

I watched both conventions with the view of being informed on both sides. Yesterday I was almost physically sick with fear and worry for the future of the country after listening to the speakers Wed. evening.