Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day Light Savings

For an arbitrary date chosen by Congress in an attempt to conserve energy, the beginning (or end? I always get that mixed up) of day light savings time has really been a true single of Spring. My walks around the neighborhood, first with a friend as exercise and later with Chris for coffee and groceries, made me think back to that idea of sense of place. Today I had a true sense of place as I walked up High Street on the first truly warm and sunny day of (almost) Spring. People sat outside of locally owned coffee shops and talked to each other. Bikes were dusted off and taken for a spin. on neighborhood streets. Dogs were set free of leashes and released to play in area parks. Even Prada got to sniff the outside and watch the action from her window.

The night ended, as any good night does, with a yummy dinner of olives, flat bread, artichoke, salad and eggplant Parmesan. Along with a couple of glasses of wine, of course. And I just put fresh sheets on the bed. Does the beginning on Spring get any better than this?

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