Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Here's a tip for you: if you are going to make the tofu cake recipe, skip the icing and make a different version that contains actual sugar, butter, and milk. Also, when having the family over to eat the said cake, make sure you have plenty of ice cream to hide that odd this-tastes-like-it-might-be-good-for-me taste and lots of champagne so people just don't care. These tactics seemed to work for me anyway. Actually, I'm sitting here staring at an empty bottle of Cook's Brut right now. Nothing but class around here.

Speaking of class, I'm afraid we are turning into "those neighbors" who people just don't want around. The woman next door to us has had her house for sale for at least 9 months. The housing market around here isn't all that bad, but it's not looking to great for her as she has been through 4 Realtors since we moved here in July. Anyway, I don't think we are helping her house moving prospects any because we still have a HUGE Christmas wreath on our front porch. Like I said, nothing but class.

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Mimi said...

Ohh, I wouldn't about the next door neighbour not selling. It's certainly not you. The market is slow here too. Our next door neighbour is up for sale and the one next to them. Ha, I just remembered, I have my xmas wreath still on my door too! lol OK, something to get done this week ;)

Since Julia is allergic to peanuts, milk & eggs, I have made a tofu "cheesecake" and tofu pudding. She loved them, thank god! If you ever want to make a cake that tastes like real cake without eggs & milk and will fool the best of them, let me know. I have some good yummy recipes! I even do them gluten free now! One could wonder what's left to the cake...