Thursday, March 15, 2007

Looking Back Tonight

Huh, the Ahi tuna steaks I am cooking for dinner still seem to be suspiciously frozen even though I pulled them out to defrost this morning. Oh well, the extra defrosting time gives me a time for a stroll down memory lane...

If you ask Chris and I how we met, you are likely to get some flustered story involving yoga and a bar. It sounds fishy and ends up to be confusing because we actually met twice. The first time, we did meet at yoga. The yoga class we were both taking at the time was at a local gym where you had to show up early or chance not getting a spot to lay your mat down. A line forms outside of the door to the class, which is a little awkward because the line snakes through stationary bikes and free weights. Ordinarily I don't talk before yoga because I'm beginning to get focused, but one summer evening, Chris started a conversation with me and what could I do? We chatted for a couple of minutes and then walked into class together and ended up next to one another. At the end of class, he looked over and said "Not like I was looking, but you're really good." I giggled. This started a couple of months of flirting before and after class. One time, he fell asleep during savasana. It was cute, but he was really embarrassed when I asked him if he took a nap during class. Yoga is great, but I have to admit there were weeks when I was bummed if he wasn't there (or worse yet, if he was there and flirting with the girl with big boobs).

I'm not sure what would have happened if we never would have seen each other outside the confines of yoga. But we did, so no worries! One night, my friend Julie and I had plans to go to a special invite only holiday party thrown by a local band. The Randy's are kind of a quirky band and have a random following, so it was hard to know what to expect. Plus, I was coming off some bad scenes in the dating world, so I really wasn't interested in meeting anyone that night. Still, this guy kept looking at me and he was attractive, but I couldn't quite place him. I asked a friend of Julie's who the guy was and he said he used to work with him (stick with me here). The friend remembered his name was Chris and that was all I needed to put the pieces together. It was yoga guy! Chris normally wears glasses, but for sports (and yoga) he puts in contacts. It gives him a whole different look. I had recently dyed my hair back to my natural shade, so I looked different to him also. This was all established when I went over and talked to him. We ended up hanging out all night that night. We danced, we drank, we laughed. After the band's last song, Chris gave me a sloppy kiss somewhere near my ear (I think he was aiming for the cheek). It was super cute and I was smitten.

So that's our story, and after I cook that tuna we are going to see The Randy's again tonight. We might not have a song, but we have a whole band and that's better.


Mimi said...

Aww, that is an awesome love story :)

Coincidently, I'm starting yoga again next month. It's Ying Yang Yoga and focuses on balance poses! It's should be no more then 6 people and I can't wait :)

Mikalene said...

My favorite line:

"Yoga is great, but I have to admit there were weeks when I was bummed if he wasn't there (or worse yet, if he was there and flirting with the girl with big boobs)."

It actually made me LOL. :)