Friday, March 23, 2007

Marketing Gone Wrong

Words intrigue me. It's amazing to me how letters make up words, which then make up sentences to communicate ideas. I love letters, words and sentences so much that I read everything around me. Toothpaste tubes, ink pens, buses...really the list goes on. Today, though I was assaulted by words I would rather not have read: the wrappers of my tampons started trying to communicate with me. They told me things like "Practice Your Victory Speech!" and "Play Offense" and worst of all "It's Not Winning or Losing, but Playing that Matters."

Uh, why am I getting motivational messages from my feminine hygiene products and who thought this was a good idea? As if I'm not cranky and tired enough during this time of the month, now I need my tampon to tell me it is my biggest fan?

I'm all for viral marketing, I give a mental "good job" to whoever creates a message that cuts through the clutter of everyday life, but I don't think this is a good idea. I just don't need these types of message in the restroom me. I knew the perky pink box was a bad idea, but it was on sale at Target. Sales, now those are marketing messages I respond to.

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