Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let Us Eat Lettuce

Okay, so I am taking some liberties with the quote attributed to an infamous queen. It was my turn to pick out the movie this past weekend, and I picked Marie Antoinette. It was simply beautiful! I'm not going to speak to the historic accuracy of the film, but I was blown away by the visuals. It was eye-candy. I keep meaning to Google her so I can learn background info,but I came away from the movie really sympathizing with the young queen. Chris, not so much, saying she was out of touch. Minor detail...

Also this past weekend, I pushed the envelope a little bit and put in my lettuce seeds. They are starting to come up! As long as a freeze doesn't hit in the next couple of weeks (and the bunnies don't find the raised bed), we'll soon be dining on tender young greens planted in organic soil. I can't wait to whip up a salad dressing of aged balsamic and good cold-pressed olive oil to dress these baby greens up with.

Having plenty on lettuce on hand is a good thing right now because I started Weight Watchers last week. In the first week, I lost 3.8 pounds which I think is pretty good. I'm hoping my Vegas vacation this weekend doesn't derail that. Speaking of Vegas, I am completely antsy to get on that plane tomorrow and am in pre-vaca giddy mode. I'm all pedicured and mostly packed and ready to hit the road for a weekend of girl time in the sun. Ahh vacation...

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Mikalene said...

(I'm behind in your daily blogs, so I'm just now posting on this one!)

If you are interested in Marie Antoinette, last summer I read a really refreshing book about her "The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette" by Carolly Erickson. Ok, so this book is written on a high school level and MAY not be totally historically accurate, but I like historical fictions and read them alot, and this one was good. It was an easy read and I liked it alot. So if the movie sparked an interest, have at it.

That's my two cents. :)