Monday, April 23, 2007

Earthy Days

Since I choose to think every day is Earth Day, we didn't take part in any of the celebrations going on this past weekend. Okay, that is a cop out. I didn't want to take part in any of the celebrations this past weekend. Instead we worked in the yard and I sat in my glorious hammock swing and read. Hammock swings are way better than full-sized hammocks, in my opinion. First of all, you only need one tree and secondly since you can kind of sit up they are much better for reading. My lettuce is doing nicely, having survived the freezing temps and snow around Easter. I brought some of the lettuce to my parent's for dinner. Everyone got about 5 baby leaves - it is early in the season! More lettuce got planted, along with morning glories, cilantro and parsley seeds. I'm holding off a few weeks for everything else. As much as Chris and I are enjoying the current nice weather we are having, Prada is not. She sat in a window and cried for 4 straight hours yesterday because she couldn't come outside with us. Poor kitty.

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