Thursday, April 26, 2007


Finished Middlesex. I really enjoyed this book. Strangely, even the shocking parts of this novel didn't bother me. The book is about a hermaphrodite, you have got to expect some off-the-wall things going in. The voice of the main character was constant throughout and I really enjoyed the journey she into he took.

I am currently reading another book about self-discovery. This is Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. The main character of this novel, an insecure mid-Western girl at a East coast boarding school, is haunting me. The writing is so pointed and the situations are so believable and recognizable that I really hurt for her. I cheer at her small little victories. But most of the time, I want to somehow reach through the pages of the book and shake her. I am also enjoying this book because it gives an inside glimpse to life at a preppy boarding school, something most of us are not at all familiar with. The book was a NYTBSL Top 10 book of the year at some point (am reading the paperback, so I am not sure when it was published). The book is dragging on a bit at this point - she's a senior now and the book begins at the beginning of Freshman year, but I'm interested to see at what point in her life the main character is narrating from. A few times in the book, she mentions how much she has changed, but also how much she is still the same.

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