Sunday, April 15, 2007

Family Connections

Chris and I went to Bloomington, IN for his grandmother's 79th birthday. Well, it was actually her 89th birthday, but Chris was confused. I was glad to get there and find out the party was not for a 79th birthday (I thought that seemed a little strange). Anyway, she is a cute little lady who seems to have a good outlook on life and good advice for those willing to listen. I really liked her. She told me she has outlived all but one of her siblings - it would be so strange and a little sad to be almost 90 and have no one around who can remember you when you were young. Ever on the lookout for future baby names, I kept asking her what the names of her siblings were (I really like the idea of using some type of family-connected name) and was pleased to hear one good option.

I hadn't met this side of Chris' family before and was glad I could do this before the wedding. I had even never met Chris' father, so it was good to spend some with him as well. It's funny because I could spot some of Chris' mannerisms from him. Unfortunately, his name is Milton and I don't think we'll ever be using that as the name for a child.

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