Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Whole New Territory

Today, a new airline burst onto the scene in Columbus...with $10 fares. Yep, 10 bucks. Woo hoo! Chris and I took about two minutes to decide to fly to Vancouver for a getaway before our wedding. Yes, I know the honeymoon is supposed to to take care of the relaxing need, but with 7 months of wedding planning to go, I'm thinking the end of August will be a nice time for a little break. I've never been to that part of the Pacific coast and I'm so excited! It's also fun to do something so spontaneous. Here, basically, is the e-mail chain that led to us booking the flight.
Amy: Hey Skybus is booking now - do you want to go to Vancouver for your birthday? $10 flights.
Chris: Let's go.
Amy: Really?
Chris: Yes, book it.

I'm hoping there is a cute little B&B we can stay in. So excited! Any travel trips to the Seattle / Vancouver area? Also, please book flights with the same airline because I don't want it to go under. I'm not too worried because something like 10,000 flights were booked by 10 a.m. (they went on sale at 6 a.m.), but still.

Must run now, have a bottle of wine chilling to celebrate.

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Magalie said...

You should take a ferry across to Vancouver Island or head into the rockies.