Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's Not What You Think

About the middle of each month, my hormones decide to attack. I become unbearable to live with and would much prefer to stay in bed for about three days. It's almost like I can feel my hormone levels bottoming out and then slam: my personality totally changes. In addition, to the Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde routine, I get a nasty, painful cystic pimple somewhere on my face. These are not only unsightly, but dang it, they hurt! This month the pimple decided to show up just on the edge of my upper lip. Ouch! I realize, I am 29 years old and should know better than to want to pick at blemishes, but I can't help myself. I even offered to do this for my brother last weekend. I think I missed my calling as an facial-giver. Anyway, I tried attacking this thing on my lip last night, but cystic pimples aren't really ideal candidates for popping. Not only does it really hurt, but they're too hard and solid to get anywhere with. I just ended up making it more red and noticeable. Now instead of a harmless pimple, I have what looks like some type of STD you would get in college from spending too much time around fraternity boys.

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