Monday, June 23, 2008

Something Back at Home

So I was in Nashville over the weekend attending a friend's wedding shower and bachelorette party. The weekend was fun and it was great to have some girl time. We drank and danced and generally had a great weekend. We even snuck in a quick trip to a spa for mani and pedis...ah bliss. However, I kept getting somewhat disturbing text messages from Chris. I knew he and a couple of buddies were spending Saturday morning doing demolition on our kitchen in preparation for our new counters which are being installed tomorrow. Even though I knew this demo was happening I wasn't totally prepared for what I came home to. No counters, lots of dust, no sink, no oven or range, pots and pans everywhere and one freaked out cat. It was a shock to us all. Which is why I, still wearing a dress, grabbed a paint brush and started touching up the cabinets. Who says girly girls can't do home improvements?

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