Sunday, June 29, 2008

It Rained on Prom Day

Another ComFest caught me stuck in a torrential downpour, hoping the sycamore we were huddeled under would provide more shelter than it ended up doing. Rain really puts the community into ComFest.

After we dried off, it was time to get ready for Prom. Margaret and company did a remarkable job making it truly a night to treasure. I think that Margaret had more fun at this prom than she would have at any high school prom. High school proms, if I remember back to a decade ago, were fraught with all the high school insecurities of fitting it and wearing the right dress. Grown up proms, from my recent experience, focus more on the fun and the fact that everyone is now comfortable in their own skin. And there really isn't a better 30th birthday present to ask for than that.

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