Friday, November 9, 2007

Flats for a Short Girl

I'm short. I'm somewhere between 5 feet and 5 feet 2 inches. Where in this range I fall, I'm not really sure. Sometimes I even say I'm five feet three inches, but I'm pretty sure this is just wishful thinking. I often find myself looking up to talk to people and asking for help in reaching the top shelf. The point is I'm below the average height for a woman, which is evidently 5 feet 3.8 inches or 63.8 centimeters (the metric conversion is for my Canadian readers). I've never really been bothered with being short. I had the advantage of dating whomever I wanted and not having to worry about how we would look dancing. I also love being able to rest my head solidly onto Chris' chest. What do tall girls do when they just want a good hug? Anyway, over the years, I've come to even better terms with being vertically challenged (as I was called last week at a bar). In fact, I've come so far that I don't always wear heels anymore. I used to love me some spikes for a night on the town, I had many pairs of ridiculously tall shoes. From time to time, I still enjoy putting these on and strutting around (there is no other way to walk in strappy heels). But, I have to admit these shoes just aren't as comfortable as they were when I was 25. For this reason, I was excited when these darling little flats arrived on my front porch yesterday. Yes, all 5 feet 2 inches (or something like that) of me has decided the time has come to embrace flats. Thank you, Steve Madden for helping to make this day possible.

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