Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Breakfast Spot

Goodbye Bob Evans...hello, Tasi's Cafe. This little community bakery / diner / hangout has recently opened in the Short North. Chris and I met our travel agent there this morning. I'm not sure why the travel agent always wants to meet with us rather than just mailing us the needed information, but whatever. Tasi's Cafe turned out to be a good spot for this little meeting - which was really more of handing over the e-tickets and itinerary (Turks & Caicos here we come).

Chris and I had big mugs of hot coffee. The coffee wasn't really exceptional, but it was good. Next time I'll try a cappuccino or espresso because the Tasi gang uses Illy coffee. Mmm, real good stuff in cute little mugs. Chris had the Greek scrambled eggs which were very well done. They had lots of interesting things in them, feta (of course), tomatoes, zucchini and some type of spice I couldn't identify but kept me eating off of his plate. The eggs were accompanied by big hunks of toasted Eleni Christina buttered bread. Later in the afternoon, some cheese and wine and this bread and I would be happy. (Tasi's Cafe is part of the Rigsby's / Eleni Christina family).

I had Greek yogurt served just the way I like it - with honey! The granola it was on was really good, not tasting too oily and using big hunks of whole grain goodness. It also had sliced bananas on top. We both split an almond croissant. More dense than most croissants, this also tasted more bread like and heartier. Butter was still a large presence which was very tasty. The almonds on top could have done with a light toasting, but overall this was a hit at our table.

They also have lunch (can't wait to try the lobster mac & cheese) and have a wide variety of baked goods and various sundries (different imported olive oils, sea salts and pastas. I can see this being a good place to go to make gift baskets for those hard to buy for people, which seems to be everyone in my family. So I might have to visit again. For gift giving purposes, of course.

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