Sunday, November 18, 2007

Giving Stress Away

My mom has said I sometimes give my stress away. This means I act like such a brat that any person I interact with then feels my stress. At least, I think this is what it means. I have reached a whole new level of this giving stress away. It is now being spread across species. Prada has broken out in what I have determined (through Web searches) is feline acne. Yep, even my cat is breaking out for the wedding. Seems stress can be a major cause of feline acne, that and plastic food bowls. Prada eats out of a ceramic bowl, but just in case Chris is out getting her a new stainless steel one which is lower to the ground. It is more likely stress. Chris said Prada threw up two times while I was in DC and she's rather bothered that she (nor us) can walk in our living room due to the wedding presents. She knows something is up and evidently it has caused her to breakout.

I, on the other hand, will have radiant skin due to the facial I'm getting tomorrow. I'm actually holding up pretty well, trying to get lots of sleep and drink plenty of water. We're now less than a week out, so that is very exciting!

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