Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Ray of Light

Yoga class was really fun tonight. I left work not wanting to go teach, I'm busy, I'm stressed and it is cold and rainy out. A recipe for staying on the couch if I have ever heard one (which I did later with a big plate of pasta and a glass of wine). However, my class - all five of them - were depending on me to show up and teach them yoga. My own practice has been rather non-existent lately. I'm not proud of it, but it is true. So today faced with a yoga class to teach and a stiff body in which to do it, I was little worried.

I only had my iPod with me, rather than my usual meditative yoga music. Choosing to just go with it, I played Madonna's Ray of Light album and just cut loose. I love practicing to this collection of music at home, but I hadn't yet taught to it. I found it made my class way more playful and upbeat. It also made the class a little more challenging for the students. I had them going a tad faster through sun salutations and I encouraged them to just move with the music. We held poses longer and twisted a little deeper. I felt so uplifted after the class. And they did, too. I don't think this style of class would fit our group every week, but I love showing them yoga can fit your mood, or can take you to another place, and doesn't need to always be the same each week.

I'll be missing the next two weeks and I promised them a gentler class upon my return, but I hope they enjoyed today's journey. I did.

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