Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kissing up to

This is what I wrote to enter a contest at The winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to some super cool kitchen wares show. How much fun would that be? I entered last year also, but sadly didn't win (they did however send me a gift certificate for my trouble). This year the folks at asked for 150 words on your favorite / most used kitchen tool. I dodged the question and used a little brown-nosing in my entry:

It's tough to pick just one favorite kitchen tool. Should I pick the item I most coveted before owning (KitchenAid Stand Mixer), the item that gets a surprising amount of use (OXO potato masher), the source of comfort and get up and go (Le Creuset Kiwi Tea Kettle to make tea and coffee), the unbelievably powerful (Wusthuf knives) or the cute and functional (colorful dish towels)? All are useful and all have a special place in my kitchen, however, it’s a rare night that my trusty laptop doesn’t accompany me while cooking. An endless source of recipes and cooking advice, my laptop provides inspiration in the form of recipes from chefs across the globe, also connecting me to great shopping and information at

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Mikalene said...

Nice answer! You'll be in the running for sure. :)